Our prices
tibia crystal coins
Optional PVP
$3.49 / 1kk
Open PVP
$4.39 / 1kk
Hardcore PVP
$4.39 / 1kk
Retro Open PVP
$4.39 / 1kk
Retro Hardcore PVP
prices may vary depending on game world
Currency: USD
Change to: EUR
email Noah Persson
paypal accepted
This domain name - tibishop.net if for sale. The itinitial price is $500 USD. Conctact me at [email protected]. Bitcoins (BTC) or Revoult accepted.
Hi there!
Looking for cheap Tibia gold? You've come to the right place! All we sell here is just pure Tibia gold. The only accepted payment method is PayPal. We will deliver the gold to your character's Tibian bank balance in less than 12 hours, usually almost instant. If you need assistance feel free to contact us.

Retro Open PVP:
Hardcore PVP:
Retro Hardcore PVP:
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